The Table of Contents

Perchance to Dream Kathy Hintze Blake's 7 6
Tread Softly On a Legend Robert Newsom Blake's 7 28
Castles Portfolio Susan Sturgill Blake's 7 30
Exit, Laughing Rich Kolker Dick Van Dyke Show 34
The Reason C.L. Crouch Dr. Who 43
Yesteryear Geraldine Sylvester Dr. Who 44
The Eye Turned Toward the Sky Robert Newsom Dr. Who 52
Freeloader's Guide to the Spaceways Jeannie Deem Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 54
I Enjoy Being a Fan Karen Mitchell Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 57
Homesick Song Roberta & Louise Rogow Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 58
At Panopticon '82 Unknown Time Lords Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 59
Death's Chess Game Mary Jo Blythe A-Team 60
G.O.D. 105 Robert Newsom A-Team 74
Bandwagon Charlene KirbyThe Invisible Man 77
Bar Wars Baker Patrick Star Wars 96
A Friend Sharon Hunter Starsky and Hutch 99
The Enforcer Ruth Kurz Dirty Harry 101
Dress Parade Roberta Rogow Star Trek 102
Voyage Robert Webster Star Trek 105
Khan Ruth Kurz Star Trek 106
Souls That Touch Terri Sylvester Star Trek 107
Spock Michael Verina Star Trek 108
The Starpack Jan L. Margut Star Trek 110
Vulcan Combat Gayle Feyrer Star Trek 134

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