The Glowy Blue Balls of Contents

Village of the Fish Lorraine AndersonStargate SG-1 1
Stepping through the Stargate, SG-1 never knows what kind of civilization it will find, and try as Jack might, he can't always prevent Daniel from giving the wrong impression...especially when he sings.

Anatomy of a Real Ghostbuster Babs MageraReal Ghostbusters 10

Loss and Family Dana BellGood Witch / Kung Fu: TLC 11
Ten years after Jake's death, a Shaolin priest and man with green sunglasses show up in Middleton, and Cassie discovers that a supposedly dead detective from California named Peter Caine looks just like her husband. Are they twins? Some cloning experiment gone wrong? Or could they possibly be the same person? Would Jake do that to her?

Five Nights at Freddy's Babs MageraReal Ghostbusters 38

Shelter from the Storm Sheila PaulsonShadow Chasers 39
Caught outside during a tornado; a man and his dog take shelter in a house that hadn't been there a minute before the storm, and one that disappears immediately afterwards. Ever skeptical Jonathan MacKensie thinks it's a ridiculous waste of time, but Edgar Benedek knows that this there / not there house means something.

It's the Muppet Show with Tom Hiddleston! Susan MacdonaldThe Muppet Show 84
Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing Loki in the Avengers movies, sings to Miss Piggy, commiserates with Kermit, and gets out of the way of murderous hens out to get Gonzo. Just a typical day on set.

Cool Things about being a Toon #1 Babs MageraReal Ghostbusters 94

One Good Turn Susan MacdonaldStarman / The Quest 95
When Paul Forrester and Scott Hayden are saved from relentless FSA agent George Fox by a mysterious man in a limo, they are grateful. But with their constantly-on-the-move lifestyle, they will probably never see him again, much less get the opportunity to return the favor. Never say never.

Ghostbuster Shaming Babs MageraReal Ghostbusters 108

Searchlight M.D. BloemkerShadow Chasers 109
When Benny goes missing for four months, Jonathan teams up with Rosaria to find him. With all the possible monsters in the world, how did the National Register reporter end up the personal slave of a centuries-old vampire and is there any way an anthropology professor and a new-to-hunting woman can rescue him? Has it been too long? Will Benny be able to forget what horrifc things he was made to see and do, or is his humanity gone forever?

Transition M.D. BloemkerShadow Chasers 190
In this sequel to "Searchlight," Benny is bemused when Jonathan and Rosaria fight over custody of him. As if he would get into trouble the instant their backs were turned. Oh, wait...


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