The Shiny Plunger of Contents

It's Time Lorraine AndersonDoctor Who 1
River Song knows the Doctor has had too many terrible blows in too short a time and he needs a time and place to And to learn what 'family' means. And to maybe, finally, admit he really does care. Could another Amelia teach him all that?

Dead or Alive Susan MacdonaldMagnificent 7 21
Trapped in an ambush in the middle of nowhere, Vin and Nate contemplate the 'dead' part of that 'dead or alive' bounty on them.

A Course for Winds of Fortune Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 24
Denethor, Steward of Gondor, endures the final days of his life, the loss of Boromir, the fate of Faramir. Can he find reconciliation within himself at the end?

Apology with Pizza Susan MacdonaldThe Avengers 33
Tony Stark could, and often did, come off as a jerk. Rarely, if ever, did he apologize for it. But this time, he wanted to. And worse yet, he meant it.

Mardi Gras Susan MacdonaldBeauty and the Beast 37
A costume ball allows Catherine to not only have an actual date with Vincent among her friends and co-workers, but lets her play Cupid between a new friend and a beau who hasn't seen her for fifty years. Love is in the air...

Happened Before and Again Dana BellStargate: Atlantis / Stargate SG-1 / Falling Skies / Battlestar Galactica / Caprica 57
Something -- or someone -- inhabits the city of Atlantis. Humans come and go in the city's long history; should Atlantis protect its newest inhabitants, or go back to sleep for another thousand years to see what a new millenium might bring? A multi-crossover not be believed!

Professor Snape Susan MacdonaldHarry Potter 64
Grading papers is a great way to get to know one's students, if one wants to get to know one's students, that is.

Those in Darkness Susan MacdonaldHogan's Heroes / Phineas and Ferb 66
Colonel Hogan is asked to help a young prince from a tiny country annexed by the Third Reich before this 'inconvenience' is made to 'go away,' but Hogan isn't sure he wants to get involved. The one asking is a soldier who guards Stalag 13, and wouldn't that be helping the enemy? With pressure from both the 'friendly' German soldiers and his own men, Hogan must decide -- and then live with the consequences.

Riding the Range Susan MacdonaldMagnificent 7 95
Ezra wins at poker, even when he *doesn't* cheat, and JD tells a joke no one laughs at. Just another day in Four Corners...

Innocents Lorraine AndersonStargate: Atlantis 97
A new experience for Ronan, fireworks at a July Fourth celebration in a San Francisco park, puts Rodney in danger when he gets kidnapped right under Ronan's and John's noses!

Flynn or Eugene? Susan MacdonaldTangled 129
The king has a difficult decision to make. Does he hang Flynn Rider for being a thief, or does he knight Eugene Fitzherbert for rescuing his daughter? A decision made all the harder as both men are one and the same person! Heavy is the head that wears a crown...

The Quest Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 132
When Pippin visits Faramir's new city in Ithilien, bringing with him his son, young Faramir Took forms a friendship with Faramir's son, and the two lads sneak away to the Morgul Vale on a quest for adventure, and encounter great danger there. Like fathers, like sons...


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