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Doctor and Colonel Smith Glow1
After maintaining a sensual yet stormy relationship for three years, Jack and Daniel suddenly find themselves in the running for most complicated patients in couples' therapy. What brought them there? Glow does a remarkable job of teasing out the mitigating factors while reminding us why these two disparate men wound up together in the first place. The necessity of hiding their SGC identities while at the same time trying to learn to communicate honestly makes therapy a complex endeavor indeed. This story is witty, emotional, cathartic and sensual at the same time. You'll want to have a seat on the couch right alongside them as Jack and Daniel explore their innermost selves.

Control Issues Emrys31
An off-world mission ends tragically, taking the lives of too many SG-7 members. Afterwards, Daniel must come to terms with crushing guilt, his grief, and worse, his relief that none of the dead were members of SG-1. At the same time, he has to deal with his desire for Jack O'Neill, a passion he is certain is not reciprocated. And then, during the immediate pain and anguish of the mission gone wrong, Jack's inability to hide his own feelings changes the playing field. Emrys writes an interesting and involved story of pain, desperation, and redemption.

No Greater Sorrow Glow and Tiger Tyger59
Jack is taken captive by an old Goa'uld nemesis who wants to gather the remains of the information that the Ancients left inside his mind. Under the control of an insidious device, O'Neill believes he is living the life he has always wanted, with the person he most desires by his side. When he is brought back to reality, he is furious, hurt, and decidedly confused. Years in the other world had taken place, while only a few days have passed on Earth. Jack must come to terms with what has happened, and learn to relate to Daniel all over again. But how do you go back to reality when you can't shake the dream? And what will happen if Daniel ever finds out the truth? This collaboration between Glow and Tiger Tyger has brought out the best in both authors, and the story is beautifully crafted as well as having a deep, driving emotional culmination that will satisfy all readers.


Gryphonfront cover

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