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Not Your Typical Vacation Tiger Tyger1
With a stern recommendation from Doctor Fraiser, General Hammond enforces a six week leave for the beleaguered SG-1 team. Jack and Daniel put the time off to good use, embarking upon a steamy trip to Palm Springs. Ensconced in their own private villa, the lovers get reacquainted in an intimate manner their busy lives and demanding careers rarely leave time for. Tiger Tyger has penned a spicy, blistering story that's also humorous and loving. So mark a date in your Day Planner and spend some time with the carnal colonel and his amorous archeologist.

Choice Under Fire Emrys21
Cut off from the rest of the team, stranded on an unknown planet whose DHD has been damaged in a firefight, Jack and Daniel are forced to rely upon a group of orphaned alien children for survival. While unraveling the mysteries of the Raayoaf civilization, O'Neill and Jackson must also confront the dangers of their new environment. Daniel struggles to hold things together after his lover succumbs to a debilitating poison, fighting to protect the children and his colonel from the Goa'uld threat, something that becomes all the more difficult when O'Neill's fever leaves him in an altered—and dangerous—state. Emrys has crafted a taut, gripping adventure that you won't want to miss.

Why I'll Never Make the Cover of Road Dork Monthly Glow76
A cocky wager in the midst of a lusty lovemaking session has deeper repercussions than O'Neill could imagine. It is said that "road trips make memories"—which is certainly the case for Jack and Daniel. Seven months after the weighty issues the lovers faced in the prequel Boxstep, O'Neill and Jackson come to realize they've only touched the tip of their emotional surface. A return trip to Aspen becomes more than the intended passionate rendezvous they expected. This is a journey not only of miles, but of hearts and minds. Through humor, reflection, honesty, and revealing communication, Jack and Daniel manage to traverse some of the unexplored terrain each harbors within—all the while enjoying a helluva fun romp through Colorado.

Fire and Ice Kath Moonshine191
The third story in the compelling Closed Poker universe takes place after the events of the episode Forever In a Day. As Daniel mourns the loss of his wife, O'Neill laments the impending demise of the relationship that's saved both his sanity and his soul. Despite the love they both hold in their hearts, the barriers between them appear insurmountable. Can O'Neill and Jackson work through their personal demons and acknowledge the potent bond between them before a life-threatening danger separates them for good? Kath Moonshine once again exhibits her mastery of the writing craft along with a deft understanding of the inner workings of these characters through her poignant first-person narratives. You'll not only read about Jack and Daniel -- you'll live every painstaking moment alongside them. This is a story to be felt and experienced; a moving, human tale of the tragedy and triumph of love -- one that will linger within you long after you've closed the zine.


Gryphonfront cover

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