DHD 5.5

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Chasing the Stars Emrys1

In Command Tiger Tyger16
Colonel Jack O'Neill is faced with a tough situation-there's a member of his team that has a little problem with authority. Too bad the guy also happens to be his lover. Ever wonder how you'd mix love and discipline? Tiger Tyger's smoking hot tale will take you by the throat and show you!

Those Damned Leather Gloves Emrys46
Jack has laid down the ground rules in his love relationship with Daniel: no sex when they're off-world on a mission. Imagine Daniel's surprise one night when Jack awakens him with a hand covering Daniel's mouth, and a wicked grin on his face. Emrys leads the reader on a hot, sexy romp that Daniel is hard-pressed to suffer silently!

Saved by Those Damned Leather Gloves Emrys and Glow61

Kum-quat Tiger Tyger89


Gryphonfront cover

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