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Incommunicado Emrys1
Emrys picks up her tale during the episode "Fifth Race". Jack has been deteriorating quickly since the knowledge of the Ancients was downloaded into his brain. In order to save his life, he must step through a wormhole into a new dimension, one the SGC won't be able to track him to — one he may well not be able to return from. While Daniel stands vigil during the seemingly endless time Jack is gone, he both distracts and comforts himself with memories of their relationship and the hurdles they have faced so far. Will these recollections be enough to help Daniel cope with the very real prospect of being separated from his lover forever? Emrys weaves a story of deft emotional twists and turns, viewing Daniel's current pain through a lens that provides a broader picture of the intricacies and sacrifices that are the foundation of their relationship. The result is a story rife with emotion, longing, reflection and scalding passion.

Quid Pro Quo, Urgo Kath Moonshine47
This delightful story takes place during the episode "Urgo" and poses the question: since all their other physical sensations and urges have been enhanced by Urgo’s implanted chip, what effect would it have on the libido of a horny colonel and his equally lusty linguist lover? Kath Moonshine answers this question with equal parts humor and heat that will keep readers squirming in their chairs through every scintillating page.

Mourning Song Glow59
Glow has contributed a remarkable story which deals with the concepts of personal loss and suppressed grief. On what would have been Charlie O'Neill's birthday, Daniel joins Jack at the cemetery. Their approaches to the day prove to be contrasting, though not necessarily incompatible. In fact, as the day moves forward, the lovers find they have more in common in the area of loss than they've ever touched upon before. Is their love strong enough to guide them as they confront this bereavement and tormenting pain on a deeper level and strive to provide both comfort and emotional release to each other? Jack and Daniel begin a journey of personal growth, one that could ultimately entwine them more fully and proffer healing touches to the most injurious wounds. This is a courageous story, one that only Glow would be able to do justice to, and we are pleased to present it to you.

Tolerance Tiger Tyger97
When Daniel's position in the SGC is threatened by a new political appointee, old history is dredged up to haunt him. Jack's temper is put on high simmer and threatens to blow as the linguist suffers denigration and besmirchment at the hands of the new head of archeological research, Benjamin Bartleby. As the lovers deal with this new thorn in their side, they also have to contend with the most recent threat by the Goa'uld as well as come to terms with the remaining emotional scars from the forced enslavement by Amunophret. Tiger Tyger balances these converging storylines with her usual intelligent style and intricate plotting, again emphasizing the ever increasing bond of 'Communion' between Jack and Daniel. The lovers lean heavily upon their connection, also calling upon humor, compassion and unwavering trust in each other to meet these new challenges. Enjoy another story of passion and personal growth weaved around the very realistic dealings of the SGC by this seasoned author.


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