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Absolution Tiger Tyger1
In this sequel to the novella "Communion" that appeared in DHD-1, Jack and Daniel are still adjusting to the overwhelming changes that have affected their lives since they became Communed as 'One'. A new threat soon beckons in the form of Amunophret, a mighty Goa'uld long thought dead by even his own kind. Amunophret becomes enthralled by Daniel and vows to have him for his own. Since the Communed bond will not allow Daniel and Jack to be separated without causing their deaths, the Goa'uld takes them both as prisoners and slaves, determinedly doing everything in his power to break the Communion and enslave the lovers forever. The ordeal they endure at Amnuophret's hands touches dark demons within them and threatens to shatter the connection between Jack and Daniel. Will their love be strong enough to save them? Tiger Tyger takes you on an emotional journey that will keep you riveted as you quickly turn each page to find out what happens next. This story has it all; intrigue, eroticism, intimacy, humor, and an enduring love between two men tested to its limits yet limitless in its power to fortify and to heal. A story not to be missed.

It All Comes Down to Trust Emrys54
In her latest Stargate story, Emrys not only fleshes out some of the events from the episode "Legacy" but goes on to explore their aftermath. Both Jack and Daniel are profoundly affected by their exposure to the devices Ma'chello constructed in an effort to kill the Goa'uld, though each in different ways. Jack continues to have hallucinations and breaks with reality while Daniel becomes more withdrawn and distant. It soon becomes clear that the residual effects of their ordeal are only part of the problem. Ma'chello's machines may well prove the catalyst for a newfound awareness of feelings long harbored. Come follow Jack and Daniel as they explore the boundaries of their relationship in this emotionally charged, compelling and passionate story.

Closed Poker Kath Moonshine142
'Closed poker' is a form of poker in which all the cards are dealt face-down. For Colonel Jack O'Neill, this has become an accurate euphemism to describe his life now that he has discovered his deep feelings of love for his teammate. Each day he struggles to keep his game face in place and disguise the emotions he doesn't dare express. But a brush with unexpected danger on the way home from a night out with Daniel begins a turn of events that brings O'Neill in a proximity with his friend that is far too close for comfort. Will he be able to keep his feelings in check or will he have to lay his cards on the table? In her debut Stargate story, Kath Moonshine brings her writing talent to this fandom with incredible results. Her Jack sounds so in character and authentic that you'll find it hard to believe some of the lines weren't taken directly from the episodes themselves. You won't want to miss this sweet, funny, compelling and oh-so-steamy story.

That Which Remains Glow177
This story begins mere hours after the events of the episode "Hathor" leave off. The threat wrought by the evil Goa'uld queen may not have been averted as completely as previously thought. In the hours, then days, that follow her invasion of the SGC, both Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson must wrestle with hideous demons. The internal battles may prove more difficult to overcome than Hathor herself. Will they be able to help themselves and each other conquer the menace within before it costs them everything they have worked so hard for? Glow's remarkable story explores the emotional toll of violation and powerlessness while still managing to be tender, poignant, caring and a true testament to the power of love.


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