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In the Valley of the Shadow Emrys1
Jack's relieved, heartfelt embrace of Daniel as he utters the affectionate endearment "Space Monkey" is really only the beginning for this 'star'-crossed couple. Emrys unfolds a tale of new love discovered, weaving it through important events of the episodes "Where But for the Grace of God, Politics, Within the Serpent's Grasp & Serpent's Lair." Journey beneath the surface of those pivotal episodes to find what lies beneath for Jack and Daniel. A rich, full tale of love in all its heartache and impassioned glory.

The Price of Admission Glow117
What has Daniel gotten himself into? More importantly, why? His quest for answers leads to hysterically funny consequences . . . and scaldingly intimate revelations about his innermost secrets. Jack teaches Daniel a sizzlingly hot lesson about trust he won't ever forget. All it will cost him is the 'Price of Admission'. This is Gloria at her scintillating, erotic best as she captures Jack and Daniel so well, so truly, you won't ever want to put the story down. A not-to-be-missed first-time SG-1 story from this acclaimed author.

Communion Tiger Tyger149
Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson return through the Stargate from their mission to P3X-259 changed men. Will these changes prove to be for the better or will the struggle to adapt to what has happened between them destroy their lives? Tiger Tyger weaves an intricate tale of denial and acceptance as Jack and Daniel are confronted with their most hidden desires. Rich characterization, crisp dialog, searing emotion and heated passion highlight this enthralling story that will have you turning each page with baited breath.


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