The "I Don't Have Alzheimer's -- It's Mad Cow Disease!" of Contents

As a Man Thinketh M.J.Alan/Denny 1
Violation GhostwriterAlan/Denny 4
Distractions of My Old Age T'LinAlan/Denny 76
Test Drive GhostwriterAlan/Denny 98
Wrestling with Angels M.J.Alan/Denny 116
Life is Wonderful GhostwriterAlan/Denny 120
Denny Crane...a poem T'LinAlan/Denny 148
Carrying a Legend GhostwriterAlan/Denny 149
Memories of My Youth T'LinDenny/Paul 160
Forget-Me-Not GhostwriterAlan/Denny 182
Dancing in the Moonlight M.J.Alan/Denny 217
Bare Hands GhostwriterAlan/Denny 221


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