The Table of Contents

A Mind's Inner Workings M. Leigh FrankKnightrider 5
Far Out! Cindy RancourtWar of the Worlds 7
Stand Still Melissa MastorisBlake's 7 15
The Promise Melissa MastorisMacGyver 16
Home Coming Joseph V. TarziaStar Trek: The Next Generation 17
That's How Things Are M. Leigh FrankRemington Steele 22
Toonz in the hood Barbara MaterThe Simpsons / The Brady Bunch 23
Amigos Cindy RancourtReal Ghostbusters 31
The Shattered Sheild Elise HillKung Fu: The Legend Continues 109
Father Figure Jill Simmons WellsVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea 129
Roll Call M. Leigh FrankHill Street Blues 145
Dark into Night Melissa MastorisBeauty and the Beast 146

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