The "Your Car Insurance Claim Has Been Denied, Mr. Ellison!" of Contents

Observation Hides a Multitude of Sins Leah Starsky 1
We Need to Talk Patt Paulos-Darrow 8
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner Kit Mason 9
Controlling Interest Pumpkin 21
The Calling Grey 26
Senses Patt Paulos-Darrow 48
Guardian Spirits Nisa 49
Strange Games Voracity 51
Bitchy and the Beast Airelle 84
1,001 Words Akablonded 90
Poker Night Patt Paulos-Darrow 109
Naomi Nurtures Gena Fisher 110
Right Back Then Elizabeth Gerber115
Two of Hearts Nisa 128
On Top Patt Paulos-Darrow 128
Who's the Sidekick? Fire Frog 130
The Highwayman Toshua 134
The Solitude and the Silence Laura J. Valentine 146
Memory and Void Laura J. Valentine 150
Darkness Patt Paulos-Darrow 154
Reaching Out XFreak 155
The Price is Right Patt Paulos-Darrow 201


Lyrade front cover
JenCat004 25, 89, 114, 134

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