The Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Stein are So Doing It of Contents

The Underlying Constant J.C 1
Baby Steps Nestra 15
Angel R'rain 18
Mama Rayden Star 30
An Ordinary Life J.M Griffen 36
Back in Control Pumpkin 48
Terms Texas Ranger 53
Worried Man Blues M.J74
Timing Alyjude 81
The Guide by James Ellison Lisa, Duncan's Twin 96
The Cop Guide by Blair Sandburg Lisa Duncan's Twin 99
The Concupiscent Guide Revealed by The Sentinel Lisa Duncan's Twin 102
Dreamwalk J.M Griffen 108
Taking the Cure M.J 120
Bad Feeling Grey 125
Walk This Way Candy Apple 140
Rapunzel Bog 148
Surrogate Annabelle Leigh 161


Lyrade front cover

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