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Type: gen

In this fascinating novel by Jennifer Garcia, Galen has discovered that the Drakh plague now overtaking the Earth was actually introduced centuries ago, but something in the 1950's caused the virus to go dormant for several centuries. Narrowing the phenomenon down to a M*A*SH* unit in Korea in 1953, Galen determines to go back in time to find out what had so suddenly halted the plague. But he can't do it alone. He enlists the help of Captain Gideon and his crew, and when they arrive back in time, they discover that they don't have the market on unique and curious characters. Colonel Potter, Hawkeye, BJ and the other doctors and nurses welcome the help of the new 'medical team' and put them right to work fighting a mysterious illness that has just begun to appear among the soldiers. Working together, the two teams find the 'cure' to the plague -- and it's a complete surprise to everyone,.


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Type: gen

In the brilliantly-written sequel to Babylon 5, Crusade features a ship of people desperately searching for a cure to the Drakh virus that is overtaking Earth, and will kill every living soul within five years. Zipping in and out of our captain's life is a technomage named Galen. Technomages are beings who are so superior technologically that it seems they are able to work magic. Galen especially loves to pull off miracles and save the life of our hero, all while being very cryptic. Come see what being a technomage is all about -- and what a miracle can be worth in the score of a human life.