The Table of Contents

Oh, Boy! Melissa MastorisQuantum Leap 3
As Mirrors are Lonely Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 5
You're Steele the One Celeste Hotaling-LyonsRemington Steele 33
Betrayed Trust Melissa MastorisBlake's 7 40
Reunion Jacqueline MoleskiM*A*S*H* 41
Twin Soliloquies Mary F. WardellX-Files 49
The End Melissa MastorisDr. Who 50
Out of the Ashes Mary F. WardellBattlestar Galactica 51
Return to Shock Theatre BEKiQuantum Leap 67
Wednesday, April 29, 1992 L.A. CarrSanta Barbara 71
After All M.D. BloemkerShadow Chasers 75


Deb Walshfront cover, 4, 18, 25
Barbara Caldwell48
L.A. Carr70

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