The Table of Contents

A Friend of the Family Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer 1
In the Backyard Teri Sarick 19
The Kung Fu Song Teri Sarick 20
Stranger than Fiction Susan McNeill & Rhonda Hallstrom 21
Kadeidoscope of Romance Lyn Roewade 49
Job Profile - Ex-Mercenary/Cop Teri Sarick 52
The Greatest Treasure of All Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer 53
Peter's Place M.J. Mink 67
Homecoming Susan McNeill 71
A New Beginning Terri Volpe 97
Job Profile - Shaolin Cop Teri Sarick 103
The Temple Teri Sarick 104
Attack of the Tiger Sue Ann Sarick 105
Job Profile - Shaolin Priest Teri Sarick 118
Master Khan Remembers Lyn Roewade 119
No Mixing Please Kim Hamilton 121
Shaolin Cop Teri Sarick 124

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