The Table of Contents

Forgetting Lessons Chris Beaudion1
Officer Down J.M. McClure & Barbara Ogle6
Square Peg Vicki Childs7
Out of the Past Merry Troupe37
Cranes Linda Chu70
The Final Farewell Merry Troupe71
Death is the Beginning Sharon P. O'Connor75
Once Byten, Twice Shy Chris Beaudion113
Epilog Sharon P. O'Connor117
Oh, Yeah Teri Sarick130
Silver Lining Susan McNeil131
Interlude Suzan Haigler155
Shaolin Eyes Teri Sarick158
Killing Lust Merry Troupe159
Atonement Susan McNeil179
Obsession Susan McNeil203
Hostages of the Heart Sharron Powell209
Desert Rescue Chris Beaudion219
Brothers Terri Volpe243
Walk With Me M.J. Mink 261
Pop Teri Sarick264
The Bus Boy Katherine Atkins265


Jeanne McClureiv
Vicki Childs27
Tonya Hagen45, 116, 247, 257

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