The Table of Contents

Remember When Karen Fordiv
The Legend of the People Teri Sarick1
Private Duty J.M. McClure23
A Test of Love Karen M. Judson29
You Can Do This, Kwai Chang Caine Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer52
Daddy, Dady Karen Ford53
Who Does Not Trust Enough Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer55
Shaolin Ritual Teri Sarick74
Jazz Terri Volpe75
Stopping By a Burned-Out Temple Teri Sarick97
It Happened One Night Kim Hamilton98
Intertwined Footsteps Lyn Roewade99
The Boy Next Door Carol Fitzpatrick103
'Kermit' B.J. Eickhoff128
An Ancient Confrontation Elise Hill129
Idylls of a Shaolin Priest Teri Sarick144
A Time For Healing Samantha Peterson145
Remembrances Samantha Peterson154
The Continuing Adventures of...The Taoist Detectives! Jan Lindner156
Everyday Flow Lyn Roewade157
A Very Clean Harry Vicki Childs163
Inside These Walls Teri Sarick182
Tail of Two Kim Hamilton183
A Lesson in Love Elise Hill237
It is Time Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer239
Requiem of a Time Travelling Captain Suzan E. Haigler250
Thy Brother's Keeper Karen M. Judson251
East Meets West Diane Brischke263
From a Son's Point of View Suzan E. Haigler276

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