The Table of Contents

Sweet Sorrow Teri Sarick v
Partners Vicki Childs 1
Influence Joyce Strohm 25
Korridors Komedy Korner Anonymous 32
This Dear and Deep Rebuke Lyn Roewade 33
The Gift to be Free Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer39
Ariel Bonnie Herbst 65
To Touch the Moon Elise Hill 75
Monastery Kris Brown 79
The Other Side of Reunion Lyn Roewade 101
Thanksgiving Diane Brischke 103
The King of a Hundred Streams Vicki Childs 113
A Son's Life Karen Judson 117
Amrita's Return Terri Hyatt 137
Description of Shaolin Temples Anonymous142
Shattered Suzan E. Haigler 143
The Ancient Teaches Lyn Roewade 155
A Zen Poem Wang Wei 159
If It Doesn't, It Never Was Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer161
Journal Elise Hill 175
Peter, Pop and Tigger, Too Karen Ford 177
Tail of the Dragon Sandra Basham 185
Warrior Without a Pony Vicki Childs191
Lost Time Teri Sarick215


Jeanne McClure 74, 136, 184
Mary Lewis v
Vicki Childs 183, 214

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