The Table of Contents

In the Name of the Father Monica Sztybel1
Interlude: The Price of Redemption Cheshire de la Croix11
Journeys Lynn Gill13
Reflections in a Pool of Still Water Catherine Schlein15
A Danse on the Dark Side Denyse M. Bridger19
After the Danse Denyse M. Bridger40
Interlude: I'm Not Who You Think I Am Cheshire de la Croix41
Where Shadows Roam in Darkness Cheshire de la Croix43
Interlude: Pussycat, Pussycat Cheshire de la Croix59
Infinity Denyse M. Bridger62
Reunion J. M. McClure63
The Path to Recovery Kris Brown71
It is Said... Lynn Gill84
Interlude: Inner Temple Cheshire de la Croix85
Twisted Vengeance Elise Hill88
Interlude: The Lesson of the Ashes Cheshire de la Croix98
Sometimes Never Lynn Gill102
Just Another Friday Night Suzan E. Haigler103
Gryphon and Phoenix Ann Raymont110
Role Reversal Jeanne DeVore126
The Homeward Path Elise Hill140
Weren't You Supposed to Use the...Past Tense? Denyse M. Bridger142
A Question of Trust Ann Leonhart143
Corridors Denyse M. Bridger173


Linda FairbanksFront Cover
Jeanne McClure14, 27, 38, 53, 69, 81, 119, 139, 155, 172
Toni Hardeman105
Heather Bruton63, 103, 110, 143, 171, Back Cover

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