The Table of Contents

Simply Irresistible Angel SparrowStar Wars 4
Simply Fucking Irresistible SianJAG 14
Simply Irresistible: Shayvanu KatBearThe Phantom Menace 45
Simply Irresistible: Herbs and Moonlight Susan AnthonyThe Mummy 111
Something Like a Sandwich Tem-ve H'syanThe Phantom Menace 127
Magic Number Karita WyrHarry Potter 140
Specter of the First Padawan QurinasThe Phantom Menace 152
Accidents Happen Tenshi no KorinSamurai Troopers 165
Not This Way FranziThe Phantom Menace 178
Who's the Fool? Creed Cascade and T.J.The X-Men 186
Burying the Past Obi-KiThe Phantom Menace 214
Surprise GailJAG / La Femme Nikita 246
Cream Filling WriteStuffThe Phantom Menace 263

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