The Table of Contents

Mind Your Herriko Tem-ve H'syanThe Phantom Menace 5
Heat RavenDHighlander 11
Voyage of Discovery Master ElaynaStargate SG-1 15
In All Ways Anne HigginsThe Hardy Boys 27
The Great Escape That Wasn't Lori and WolflingThe Phantom Menace 43
Where Weary Riders Rest Black RoseVagrant Story 49
Foxhunt Tenshi no KorinFinal Fantasy 7 57
Worth It WolflingThe Sentinel 61
Storm Spirits SianThe Phantom Menace 69
Autumn RavenDNightrunner 85
Jack, We're Only Dancing PumpkinVelvet Goldmine 89
Hot'lanta LoriThe X-Men 93
Midnight Run James Walkswithwind and Mad PoetessAngel / Dukes of Hazzard 97
Sleepwalker Lapis LazuliThe Phantom Menace 109

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