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Boot Camp Script David Carradine1
The original script that became the aired episode "Special Forces," written by one of the show's stars. Not only is it much better than the actual episode that aired, it's hilarious, campy and only found in this zine.

Rewind Lisa Lovewell54
Morning comes, the day passes, someone dies. Moring comes, the day passes, someone dies. Looks like a certain priest has his work cut out for him, lest the outcome become permanent...

Three Weeks Lisa Lovewell90
An Air France flight crashes into the ocean, but miraculously all but five passengers survive. When passenger Kwai Chang Caine is missing and presumed drowned, Peter is still hopeful. Three weeks later, with no word or sign, is Peter just kidding himself?

The Search Karen Mary Judson114
What was supposed to be a peaceful camping trip for Peter and Pop turns into a desperate search by a father for a dying son. Will he find Peter before it's too late?

Peter Lawrence, Attorney at Law Lisa Lovewell131
In an alternate universe, Peter is an overworked criminal lawyer appointed by the Court as defense counsel to an odd felon named Matt Avery. Avery is a familiar-looking, mysterious, long-haired, social, smart-mouthed hippie who doesn't think much of his new attorney. Until they both start having visions of Chinatown.

Starting Over Lisa Lovewell156
Kwai Chang Caine is shot and killed while assisting in childbirth and everyone is devastated. While a grieving Peter is forced to handle making arrangements for a traditional Chinese funeral ceremony, he keeps encountering an amnesiatic young man. There seems to be some sort of connection between them, but neither knows why.

The Long and Winding Road Lisa Lovewell193
Peter is inadvertently transported back to 1964, where he gives a ride to a stranded young woman. Normally, that's not a problem. Unless that woman is your future mother, and you've just interrupted what was to be your parents' first meeting.

Parting Thoughts Various212
Quotes from characters on the show, having to do with loss, life and dealing with both.


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