The Table of Contents

The Tick Vs. His Urges Katrina Bowen The Tick 5
You Give Me Two Molsons Trish Darbyfeld Due South 10
Tom's Hope Khylara Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 12
The Time for Talking is Over Jane Mailander Mr. Ed 13
Snooping Bronwyn Highlander 14
Incident at Halfway Mirna Cicioni Rawhide 15
From the First Moment Khylara Star Trek: Voyager 23
To Die With Thee Again Ruth Collerson Inspector Morse 24
Suddenly Sexual Fern Clarke Suddenly Susan 45
If Only Gwendolen Star Trek: Voyager 51
Patience A. Worthyfriend Due South 52
The Art of Dying Elizabeth Holden Highlander 56
Roses Khylara Due South 59
Dreams: Vila Khylara Blake's Seven 66
Ray's Lament Khylara Due South 66a
Die Hard With an Erection Fern Clarke Die Hard With a Vengeance 67
The Lion's Den Violet Nightingale Sherlock Holmes 69
The Mountie, the Cop and the Wardrobe Jane Symons Due South 91
The X-Over Files OTC The X-Files (Hercules, Due South) 99
A Single Soul Gillian Middleton The Sentinel 106
Catch Me If You Can Rrain Prior Once a Thief 115

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