The Table of Contents

Burning Bright NightowlFirefly 1
Who We are Underneath Kimberly Lynn WorkmanBuffy the Vampire Slayer 15
Unwell Kimberly Lynn WorkmanBuffy the Vampire Slayer 17
Transylvanian Quest Jenny SaypawVan Helsing 18
For Friendship AnnieThe Sentinel 19
Jack Curtis TAEAutoman 31
The Crown Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 55
Who Dares, Wins LynThe Sentinel 81
Someone to Watch Over Me Audrey LynneReal Ghostbusters 91
When Product Placement Doesn't Work bogLord of the Rings 96
Memories Scattered Like Splinters Joanne AlbertsenAndromeda 97
Trail of Evidence Jenny SaypawNCIS 100
The Ransom of Jim's Chief L.A. AdolfThe Sentinel 101
He Eats Bugs TAECSI 109
Friends and Family AnneKung Fu: The Legend Continues 115
Believe the Lie Audrey LynneReal Ghostbusters 131
To Friendship T.J. StarbuckCSI 135
Sonnets from the Jedi Portia MacBethStar Wars 151
Kurupira Sheila PaulsonThe Sentinel 157

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