The Rocker-Recliner of Contents

Letters of Comment Youse Guys2
Cows From Around the World Sue Wells14
Silent Grass Khrystyna15
Tomcats Terence16
Silent Prayer Katy Deery 35
Moving Gena Fisher36
Bodie's Book of Words to Live By Mystery Frank37
Eyewitness Caroline Quinn38
Cartoon Karen Eaton55
Closing Doors Katy Deery56
Bodie's Book of Words to Live By Beth Hand59
Odds and Endings Sue Wells60
Undercover, Solo Takeout, Single Partner Blues Linda Terrell71
Confrontation Jane Mailander72
African Memories Kay76
Here There Be Tigers Linda Terrell83
Kingdom of the Frog Debra Hicks84
Stainless Steel Lover Linda Terrell93
Etchings in Gold Debra Hicks94
Anticipation Natasha Barry96
Games People Play Katy Deery100
Sent-in Cartoons Michelle Rosenberg101
A Day in the Life of Susan Douglass102
My Sunshine Also Rises Michelle Christian108
Boys i' the Hood Jane Mailander110
Trail's End Gena Fisher136
Cartoon Karen Eaton139
Colour Me Mystery Frank140
Jaded Desire Gene S. Delapenia148
Checkpoint Charlie Debra Hicks149
No Mean Feet Linda Terrell150
The Third Week in April Ellis Ward154
Sent-in Headlines Michelle Rosenberg202
Cartoon Karen Eaton203
Grass Jane Mailander204


TACSFront Cover
Marilyn Cole1, 107, 137
B.N. Fish15
Adrian Morgan37, 59
Corinna Hansen74, 95, 144
Suzie Molnar82, 152, 205
Kate Nuernberg173-A, 191-A
Paulie40, 51, 134
Daphne Hamilton83, 93, 94

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