The Ottoman of Contents

LoCs Various and Sundry1
Crazy Quilt Sue Wells6
Murphy's Side Khrystyna13
Consequences of a Sweet Tooth Jatona P. Walker14
Building to Last Terence18
Mr. Doyle's Kitchen and Bodie Buffet Linda Terrell54
A Thought Khrystyna60
Newly Partnered Khrystyna61
Nobody Waves Goodbye Cathy L. Bryson62
Pre-Doyle Bodie Khrystyna69
Werehamster of London Debra Hicks70
Partnership--That's What It's All About Mystery Frank78
Doyle Khrystyna80
Four Left Feet Linda Terrell82
Murphy Khrystyna90
Why I Love a Rainy Day Janie Lukens91
Bodie Khrystyna93
The Lily and the Rose Susan Douglass94
The Convalescent Cat Terence108
Cowley's Sacred Band Eros132
O-pun and Shut Case Khrystyna134
Four More Feet Linda Terrell135
Cowley Khrystyna149
Sweet Dreams Are Made of These Linda Terrell150
In the Dark Lily Fulford154
Not Forgot Hall Nancy Flynn 172
The Mileage Khrystyna 175


Justin12, 33, 106, 117, 171
Kate Nuernberg65, 173
Stock illos77, 158
TACS100, 107, Front Cover

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