The Settee/Sofa/Couch of Contents

The Dream Khrystyna1
The Waiting Room Affair Debra Hicks2
Dark of the Moon Lily Fulford4
Bearding the Cow Terence12
So You Want to be a CI5 Agent Khrystyna27
Punrun: In the Mooed Mysti Frank30
Heaven-Sent Shana Lisa Jensen34
You and You Khrystyna40
Learing to Love LST41
Questions Khrystyna43
Of Mice and Monsters Debra Hicks44
A Place of Mine Khrystyna54
Calfling Khrystyna55
The Road to Almost-Freedom Mysti Frank56
Cooling Off Time Sue Wells64
Packaging is Everything Terence72
The Other Partner Khrystyna81
Learning Mysti Frank82
The Grand Mating Dance Terence84
Changeling LST98
Incident in a Stairwell Debra Hicks102
To Bodie on December 19 Khrystyna114
Night's Demons Barbara A. Staton115
Shear Folly Nancy Flynn116
Night's Guardian Barabra A. Staton119
Desire Lily Fulford120
Love Found LST161
Leaving Khrystyna163


Adrian Morgan69, 77, 101, 109, 122
TACS46, 90, 148, Front and Back Covers
Sheila Paulson20, 28
Mysti Frank56, 81


Beth Hand41, 42
Carolynn Conner81

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