"Once More With Feeling"

Title of Song Character(s) Singing
Overture Instrumental
Going Through the Motions Buffy and graveyard minions
I Have a Theory / What Can't We Face Entire cast
They Got the Mustard Out! Excited dry-cleaning customer
I'm Under Your Spell Tara
I'll Never Tell Xander, Anya
No Parking Distraught, ticketed driver
Rest in Peace Spike
Dawn's Lament Dawn
Sweet's Lair Instrumental
Sweet's Song Sweet, Dawn
Standing in the Way Giles
I Wish I Could Stay Giles, Tara
Henchman's Song Sweet's henchman
Walk Through the Fire Entire cast except Dawn
Life's a Show Buffy, Spike
Sweet's Song (reprise) Sweet
Where Do We Go From Here? Entire cast
End Credits Instrumental

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