Buckaroo Banzai is a neurosurgeon, a rocket scientist, a musician, a samarai and a superhero. And he's modest, too. He and his friends, also known as the hip rock band, the Hong Kong Kavaliers, have already saved the planet once by stopping the Red Lectroids from stealing one of Buckaroo's inventions that would open the Eighth Dimension and allow more Red Lectroids through, endangering the entire world. And now they're back for more adventures! Watch Team Banzai do battle with the evil Hanoi Xan! See Perfect Tommy dress in polyester! See Rawhide be put to rest! Follow Reno and New Jersey to a survival seminar in Peru! See Buckaroo help Kirk and Spock save the U.S. Space Program! And maybe find out why that watermelon is still there!

Type: gen