The Table of Contents

Judgment Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 5
Going Dutch LiketheriverStargate: Atlantis 43
Down in a Hole SBGSupernatural 87
Derailed LynThe Sentinel 103
Of Rockillites and Hard Places Gaffer42Stargate: Atlantis 121
First Time for Everything ZubeneschamaliNumb3rs 137
Bait Lorr54Stargate: Atlantis 147
Emancipation WendymrDr. Who 177
Auld Lang Syne KivaStargate SG-1 203
Half Empty, Half Full Yum@NCIS 225
Barry White Never Sang About This K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 233
Hot Potato AuburnStargate: Atlantis 259
The Hard Part of Diplomacy AnnieStargate SG-1 309
Winding Back Yum@Torchwood 325
Language of Brothers NebulaSupernatural 339
Random Events K. Hanna KorossyNumb3rs 351
Defender of the Faith Sam StarbuckTorchwood 361


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