The Table of Contents

Shadows on the Snow Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 5
Ain't No Fun JJJunkyStargate SG-1 / Magnificent 7 71
Snow Fall RedbyrdQuantum Leap 81
Forgiving the Past LynStargate SG-1 111
Slings and Arrows K. Hanna KorossyStarsky and Hutch 125
Comfort for the Soul Annie BookerThe Sentinel 159
Inside Voices Yum@Torchwood 179
A Home for Better Men GaelicspiritYoung Riders 191
Irreplaceable K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 225
Destination Unknown Yum@Magnificent 7 (ATF) 247
Far Away, So Close BrateStargate: Atlantis 263
A Blast from the Past LynThe Sentinel 281
Restless Yum@NCIS 297
Still Yum@Supernatural 299
The Leavers Dance CarrieStargate SG-1 303
Snow Days liketheriverStargate: Atlantis 329
Alright RicheficNCIS 373
Goodbye Again Yum@Torchwood 391


Cathy Lussierfront and back covers

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