The Table of Contents

The Price of Cars in '77 K. Hanna KorossyStarsky and Hutch 5
Reclaimed Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 15
Live Oak Growing GallagaterStargate SG-1 77
The Emperor's Clothes CathyFirefly 85
Only the Strong Survive JJJunkyMagnificent 7 / Stargate SG-1 97
Nothing's Changed Yum@Supernatural 125
Lancelot Melissa BeattieAngel 145
An Ever-Fixed Mark K. Hanna KorossyStargate: Atlantis 159
Guest of Honor Yum@Numb3rs 183
Tripping Charli BookerStargate SG-1 197
Debate Yum@NCIS 207
Just Imp-ossible KaliopeSupernatural 215
Boxing Day Melissa BeattieStargate: Atlantis 229
Traffic in Memory Lane Yum@Stargate SG-1 235
Sum of It All Yum@Numb3rs 249
Bowling for Dullards BrateMagnificent 7 263
Before Dawn K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 269

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