Reader Feedback

"I wanted to say that I found The Broken Cage to be magical and utterly charming. The descriptions were rich, allowing me to feel a part of an alien world and culture -- and the culture of the desert was well defined with both its hardships, lawlessness and an odd kind of security.

Writing this story from Blair's POV was inspired (and what a lovely way to give him his name). His confusion, his experiences (both as a slave and knowing the culture, and as someone experiencing radically new people and places), his misgivings and hopes all illuminated this story. It must have been tempting to occasionally flip to Jim's POV, but the author, Mirenna, conveyed his thoughts, beliefs, emotions and his own confusion in a strange land exceedingly well through Blair's eyes.

It was altogether such a beautiful saga that I found myself wishing there was more, as I'd like to explore Blair's new world with him -- and learn how Jim managed to take him to the stars, as promised, perhaps beyond our solar system. Blair's 'magic' and Jim's senses make a powerful combination. Interestingly enough, I'd never heard of him having pyrotechnic power before, but I've given it to him in a story I posted some months ago, "Bitterwood Creek." In this, he accesses his 'shaman' powers, and will use the fire making power even more in the sequel that's almost finished, "Oak Creek Canyon." So, I read about his magic in this story with interest and a sense of 'rightness'.

Thank you, Mirenna, for linking the bones of this enchanting story with the characters from The Sentinel. It was a perfect match!"


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