The Table of Contents

Reunion Brend Mick1
Burned into Memory Debbie Pack & Deb Parizek7
Facing the Past Debbie Pack18
Downtime Jeanne MClure23
First Impressions Nea Dodson28
Fever Monica Sztybel36
Path to Tragedy Karen Judson & Lisa Lovewell45
Crosing the Border L.C. Wells49
The Past and the Present Deb Parizek & Rhonda Hallstrom104
Limo Ride Meditations Shirley Dale-Sipe110
Turnabout Diana King114
Like Fathers, Like Sons Karen Ford122
One Step Beyond Monica Sztybel126
Aftershock Karen Judson & Lisa Lovewell146
More Black Widow Katherine Atkins150
Tangled Web Jeanne DeVore158
More Shaolin Shot Katherine Atkins173


Brenda Mickfront and back covers, 6, 145, 157
Barbara Eickhoff35, 44, 13, 121, 149
Sharon Palmer17, 27, 66, 84, 109, 125
Jeanne McClure22, 48, 172, 178
Aaron Farmer103

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