Type: slash

$29.00 (US) * $36.00 (Can/Mex) * $39.00 (overseas)

In this amazing novel from the witty, crafty mind of MJ, the Chinese have bought out Crane, Poole & Schmidt, and Denny Crane and Alan Shore have finally married. When they and the rest of the litigation department at CP&S walk out to start their own firm, and when their friend, young lawyer Katie Lloyd, offers her services as a surrogate mother for their child, happily ever after should just be starting for them.

But Jerry Espenson, their emotionally- and socially-challenged law partner and friend, still in treatment for his psychological and sexual issues, has difficulty handling Katie's new relationship with Alan as the mother of his child. When Jerry's jealousy falls into violent rage, what effect will his anger -- and his tenuous mental health -- have on Alan, Denny, Katie and their new firm?

Come meet that big hoot, Texan attorney Melvin Palmer, and Denny's friend and adversary, attorney Paul Lewiston, as you've never seen them, and encounter Alan's former legal associates from Young, Frutt and Berluti ("The Practice") in action as Alan and Denny battle a former best friend for financial control of their law firm -- and for Katie Lloyd's child.


Type: slash

In the law offices of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, you can never be sure of what's going to happen next, but you can bank on Denny Crane saying his name ten or twelve times just so you know it's him, and Alan Shore calmly supplying a sarcastic barb that goes over most of his clients' heads. How these two idiosyncratic lawyers got together is one of the great mysteries in the world, but come together they did -- in love, laughter and wit -- and the occasional dancing flamingo. Don't miss these thick zines that are full of heartwarming, laugh-out-loud tales of love, sex, snappy repartee and a man who keeps muttering, "I'm not sleeping with you, Alan," even as he climbs into his lover's bed!


Type: slash

$33.00 (US) * $40.00 (Can/Mex) * $43.00 (overseas)

When young lawyer Denny Crane is asked by his father, Walter, to help him represent a family of declining wealth up in Maine, he has no idea how his encounter with the dark, mysterious cousin from England, Barnabas Collins, will change his life. Later, when Alan Shore, Denny's partner in love and law, begins working with Denny on the Collins accounts, all hell breaks loose -- literally -- and it is up to Alan and Barnabas to save Collinsport, the Collins family, and Denny from a rogue vampire bent on destruction. Can Barnabas fight another vampire after his treatment by Julia Hoffman? Can Alan handle a gun as well as he handles estate accounts? Can Denny cure his mad cow? Can vampires go outside in the daylight wearing sunglasses and SPF 70 sunblock? All of these questions are answered, sometimes seriously, sometimes uproariously, in this amazing Boston Legal / Dark Shadows novel from the prolific pen of MJ. Don't miss it!