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         Early-seasons Bonanza fans remember three Cartwright sons and their names were Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Later-era Bonanza also knew three Cartwright sons, but their names were Hoss, Joe and Jamie. The character of Jamie Hunter was brought into the series in the 10th season as a kind of Huckleberry Finn who found a family. Jamie was eventually legally adopted by Ben, and was an integral character to the series through to its end.
         The two eras of Bonanza fandom have ignored each other outright for all these years. This novella seeks to bring the two ends together into the whole it always has been, as the Bonanza story bible itself asserts, with four Cartwright sons: Adam, Hoss, Joe and Jamie. It also embraces the era of family ranchhands, Candy and Griff.
         This novella likewise includes characters created in the later "Next Generation" series: Joe's daughter Sarah, his son Benj, Adam's boy A.C., and Hoss' son Eric.. Had Mitch Vogel, the actor who played Jamie (long retired from acting), chosen to return to the Bonanza universe at that time, Jamie's whereabouts would have been established. Otherwise, the non-mention left his character's fate in doubt, which brought about this story.
         In this novella, written by Melody Clark, Jamie and Adam must join forces to fight the worst of the 20th century from destroying their father's legacy. Though their family roles would define them as siblings, the two men harbor mutual mistrust born of old failings and past misunderstandings. To save the Ponderosa, they must deal with their respective roles in the Cartwright dynasty, and find a way to protect it for the future. Along the way, they might even learn to be brothers.