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Kingdom of the Heart Moonshine"Kingdom of Heaven" -- Balian/Nasir 1
Balian of Ibelin makes the mad, but supremely brave decision to face the contingent of Salah ad-Din’s army with a handful of men in order to protect the peasants fleeing to the Fortress of Kerak. Battered and bloodied, Balian and his surviving men are captured by Nasir, a desert prince who has not been able to shake the memory of the beauteous boy from his mind since their first meeting four months prior. Overcome with a desire he has never experienced before, Nasir strikes a bargain with his young captive... one that will change both their lives and hearts forever.

California Boys Glow"Elizabethtown" -- Drew/JD 41
California Boys is the sequel novel to Kentucky Sons. Both take place partly in the universe of the movie "Elizabethtown," only a character bearing a striking resemblance to Johnny Depp -- named JD -- plays the love interest opposite Orlando’s character of Drew Baylor. This story is taken from the part of the novel where Drew and JD first arrive in California. All you need to know to enjoy this hot sample is that Drew met JD in Kentucky, they fell in love under difficult circumstances, and Drew decided to come to California to live with this incredible man. Hopefully, this smoking hot scene will whet your appetite for more, and you will want to read the full length novels. At the very least, you will get to enjoy the loving that takes place as they christen their new home.

Gift of the Gods Moonshine"Troy" -- Paris/Achilles/Odysseus 49
Paris goes to the tent of the mighty warrior Achilles in order to sacrifice himself so that his brother’s body may be released to their father. But Paris is in for many surprises this night, the first being that Achilles has already relinquished Hector’s body. However, Achilles is less willing to set free the fair prince whose sexual escapades have precipitated such tragic events. Still grieving the death of his beloved boy, Patroclus, Achilles’ rage is fierce. However, his trusted friend Odysseus, who is also present in the tent when Paris arrives, persuades him to find a better use for the gorgeous Prince of Troy. Told in turn from the point of view of each of these hot-blooded men, this is a story of fiery passions that cannot easily be sated. Yet it is also the story of men who discover their innermost misery, fears, and longings are not so truly different.

Consanguinity Glow"Lord of the Rings" -- Legolas/Boromir 91
Brought together in Rivendell for the Council of Elrond, Legolas and Boromir immediately clash. Though distrustful and wary of each other, they realize they must seek common ground if they are to be effective members of the newly formed fellowship sworn to protect Frodo on his quest to destroy the Ring. Upon an ornate settee in a gorgeous, tranquil garden in Rivendell, they find much more than that which was sought. Animosity sparks lust, which then transforms to something deeper and far more beautiful than either had ever experienced.

Condolement Glow"Lord of the Rings" -- Legolas/Aragorn 121
Following “Consanguinity,” this story brings together Aragorn and Legolas, who are both grieving over the death of Boromir. There is little time for sorrow, for in the morning they must ride to Rohan and continue their battle against the evil forces of Saruman and Sauron. In these few brief hours of solace, longtime comrades Legolas and Aragorn find a way to bring each other comfort, and to soothe their battered hearts and weary souls.

An Occurrence at Glenrowan Inn Moonshine"Ned Kelly" -- Ned Kelly/Joe Byrne 129
What do you get when you cross Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, the Australian outback and Jessie James? You get a movie called "Ned Kelly," a touching story of oppression and bravery against impossible odds. But what happens when a talented slash writer wraps her keyboard around two such gorgeous, yet tragic characters? You get outlawed lovers who grope their way to a richly deserved happy ending!

Jubilee Moonshine"Pirates of the Caribbean" -- Jack/Will 157
In the first of a series of slash stories detailing a long, and loving, marriage between Captain Jack Sparrow and his beloved mate-for-life William Turner, come experience their first anniversary celebration which proves to be as madcap and unique as the lovers themselves. This tale is equal parts farce, fervor and fierce devotion, sure to put a smile on your lips while it touches your heart.


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