The Table of Contents

It Depends on Your Partner Daria Littlejohn 1
Getting a Rise Out of the Old Man Esme Cowley 9
CI5: Guns, Bombs, Etc. Anonymus 24
If You Never Have Storms Anonymus 28
Dear Ray Daria Littlejohn 29
Friendship Mary B. Conn 39
Silent as the Grave Gena Fisher 40
Resolution or Revelation? Daria Littlejohn 66
Conversation Concerning a Mad Cow Anonymus 85
Udder Nonsense Anonymus 86
Quotable Quotes Various 87
Inspiration Ray Doyle 88
Showdown H. Ann Walton 90
Trapped in the Underground Daria Littlejohn 97
It Doesn't Matter... Anonymus 124
Dear Bodie Daria Littlejohn 137
Love Ann O. Nymous 144
CI5, A Rainbow of Colour R. O. Sunshine 145
You Don't Have to be Rich Anonymus147
Massacre at Gollie Flats Gena Fisher148
Reflections Over a Dream Mirenna152
A Friend I.N. Deed 153

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