The Table of Contents

No Warning Loretta GrecoNCIS 5
THe Bastard Loretta GrecoNCIS 23
Late Night Visitor Kristi NelsonNCIS 27
Pretty Please, with Sugar on It Wendy KarmellNCIS 29
Trust Loretta GrecoNCIS 33
Aloha Kristi NelsonNCIS 35
Secrets Loretta GrecoNCIS 38
The Box Loretta GrecoNCIS 41
Five Songs Kristi NelsonNCIS 44
Jethro Gibbs Kristi NelsonNCIS 49
The Note Loretta GrecoNCIS / JAG 50
The Secret Life Affair Loretta GrecoNCIS / Man from U.N.C.L.E. 56
Anatomy of a Leap Kristi NelsonNCIS / Quantum Leap 65
Counting Sunrises Loretta GrecoMagnum, P.I. 88
The Right Thing Loretta GrecoTequila and Bonetti 95
Musings of an Admiral Kristi NelsonJAG 98
Musings of a Petty Officer Kristi NelsonJAG 100
Put to Rest Loretta GrecoJAG 102
Silent Yearnings Kristi NelsonJAG 112
Leaping into Harm's Way Kristi NelsonJAG / Quantum Leap 114
The Deception Loretta GrecoAirwolf 137
The Man in White Loretta GrecoAirwolf 150
What If? Kristi NelsonQuantum Leap 154
Observing the Observer Kristi NelsonQuantum Leap 159
The Leap Beyond Kristi NelsonQuantum Leap / Matrix 164


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