The Table of Contents

A Walk in the Park LegionStargate SG-1 1
Trine J.M. GriffinWitchblade 27
A Trip Through the Sandburg Zone Lily KThe Sentinel 31
It's All in the Acronym Karen KlinckThe Professionals 65
This Night, a Warrior LegionThe 13th Warrior 77
Sunrise J.M. GriffinStargate SG-1 132
Remorse Counts for Nothing LegionThe Sentinel 143
Balls MegarougeCast Away 158
Life with Hutch -- Staying Alive Lutra CanaStarsky and Hutch 163
Rumours Become Reality ShortsThe Professionals 171
Cure for Hypocrisy JoizeThe Sentinel 185
ElvenFire J.M. GriffinLord of the Rings 192
Not Just for Mortals SummerThe Man from UNCLE 196
Rut BastDue South 223
I Grieve Bast and ShortsThe Sentinel 229
Lucky SanguineHard Core Logo 251
The Sheikh's Captive LashaHighlander 256
Preordained Lutra CanaStarsky and Hutch 277


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