The Table of Contents

Floodgate Rachel Cavendish4
The Night of the Furious Vulcan Rachel and Cassandra5
Words Dana Austin Marsh18
Retrospect Addison Reed19
Afterglow Rachel Cavendish29
And Then There Were Two Shellie Whild30
Sorrow of the Gods Robin Hood31
Acceptance Cybel Harper41
The Power of Love Linda Frankel42
Storm Warning Robin Hood44
Beneath the Sands of Gri'alon Dovya Blacque45
Night's Lonely Longing Shellie Whild69
New Habits Amy71
Telling A.M. Berman72
Empathy Dana Austin Marsh73
Domestication Linda Frankel74
First Conflict Emily Adams75
Fire Sprite Robin Hood82
Endings and Beginnings Jean Gabriel83
Empty House Rachel Cavendish99
Crumbs Dana Austin Marsh100
The Hand of Fate Sharon St. James101
A Thousand Suns Robin Hood134
The Best of Me Cybel HarperInside Back Cover


The Southern CrossFront Cover
S.B. Leonard4, 100
Shellie Whild18, 30, 41, 44, 73, 99, Inside Back Cover
Jackie Zoost19, 42, 71, 75
Alayne29, 74, 82, 134
P. Horowitz45
Virginia Lee Smith83
Kay Wells101, Back Cover

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