The Table of Contents

Sand Blind Dovya Blacquei
Dreams and Such Dana Austin Marsh4
Beg the Lightening to Strike Addison Reed5
Us Cybel Harper16
He Who Loves Last Elizabeth Scott17
Compulsion Dana Austin Marsh39
Less Than a Ghost Cassla Williams40
The Bet Drea Leigh41
Dripping Dawn Cassla Williams57
I Love Dreaming Tere Ann Roderick59
Dancing Dana Austin Marsh60
Waiting Charlotte Frost61
Feast for a Time of Famine Tere Ann Roderick73
Midnight Fire Robin Hood74
And Yet Afraid Addison Reed75
Forbidden Touch Amy Grant107
Self-Made Purgatory Dana Austin Marsh108
Together, You and I Marilyn Lansford109
Impotence Robin Hood121
A Philosophy Tere Ann Roderick122
He Was He and I Was I Emily Adams123
Yours Cybel Harper163
At First Sight Sharon Eldon164
Hawk's Mate Dana Austin Marsh182


Merle DeckerFront Cover
Shellie Whildi, 4, 40, 60, 74, 108, 122, 164
Sara B. Leonard5, 73, 182
Gayle Feyrer17
Dragon39, 109
Virginia Lee Smith41, 121
Jacquelyn Zoost75
Kay Wells107

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