The Table of Contents

Wastelands Doyva Blacque 1
Contest Editors 5
The Richest of Men Shellie Whild 6
Tight Spaces Alexis Fagen Black 7
Of Having and Wanting D.A. Martin 42
Is the Honeymoon Over? A.L. Hughes 43
The Spell/Resurrection Sharon Pearson 61
First Contact D.A. Martin62
Call Me Jim Bonita Kale64
By Dawn's Light Addison Reed65
Convalescing Charlotte Frost67
Hidden Truths Bonita Kale112
Integration D.A. Martin113
Chrysalis/Shadow Sandee Maxwell114
Journey Kate Lloyd115
Door Sharon Pearson125
Caverns of Wind Jane Fury126
Odd Man Out Lynn Shomei127
Rex Anne Fitzgibbons135
Vulcan Ice Ann Fitzgibbons136
Collison Course Addison Reed137
Voyager Doyva Blacque156


Merle Deckerfront cover
Southern Cross4
Jacquelyn Zoost48, 88
Shellie Whild64, back cover
Caro Hedge112, 113, 126, 136
Ann Mara Crouch7, 137

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