The Table of Contents

Flight of Fancy Sue Cameron 4
A Rare Storm Doyva Blacque 5
Revolution Laura Thomas 25
A Very Private Fire D.A. Martin 26
Pathway to Pon Farr Sandee Maxwell 38
That Makes the Man Yvonne DeChine 39
Bond-Brothers K.L. Fidelius 65
Once and Again D.A. Martin 77
Passion in the Touch of a Friend Tere Ann Roderick 78
Irony Sandee Maxwell 87
To Face the Music Greta Foulard 88
Some Dream D.A. Martin 94
The Sweetest Sound Roberta 95
Burden Not Our Rememberances David Alexander 107
Future Haunts Anna Fitzgibbons 123
Impasse Addison Reed 124
The Valley of the Blue Sun Robin Hood 139
Dark Dreamer Sandee Maxwell 169
Open Flight Robin Hood 170


Gayle Feyrer front cover
Shellie Whild 4, 169
Jacqueline Zoost 25, 123
Sarah B. Leonard 77, 94
Dragon 95
Chris Soto 139

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