The Table of Contents

The First Sketch Natasha Solten3
Fear of Falling Natasha Solten4
Twixt Night and Morrow Robin Hood5
Cities Natasha Solten17
Stalemate Faris Vincent18
Time Passage Charla Menke19
Coming to His Senses Marie Surah39
Jade Pam Smith59
A Motionless Army Natasha Solten61
Cruising Tere Ann Roderick62
The Air is the Air Vivian Gates63
Fire-Watch Natasha Solten76
Compensation Dovya Blacque77
A Quiet Corner in Hell Meg Fine113
Old Souls Tere Ann Roderick116
A Few Too Many A.L. Hughes117
Awakening Natasha Solten126
Burning Blue Dovya Blacque127
Shadow Land Pam Smith129
Here and Gone Faris Vincent130
The Thought That Counts Jenny Starr131
War-Fire Tere Ann Roderick151
Sky Hunter Lisa Joas153
The Tails of Comets Dovya Blacque155
Cold Faris Vincent156
Warmth Faris Vincent156
Setting the Magic Free Roberta157
A Sudden Freedom Roberta214
Reflections on a Prophet Tere Ann Roderick215


Marilyn ColeFront Cover
Caro HedgeInside Front Cover, 3, 4, 18, 62, 76, 113, 116, 127, 130, 156, 215
Chris Soto5
Shellie Whild59, 129, 153
Jacquelyn Zoost61, 155
Maureen Burns77
Alayne117, 157
Gayle Feyrer216
Ann Mara CrouchBack Cover

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