The Table of Contents

The Prodigal Vulcan Liz Clark 5
Seasons Alexis Fegan Black 24
Before the Dawn Natasha Solten 25
In Paradise Vivian Gates 27
Teamwork Natasha Solten 42
Home From the Sea Faris Vincent 43
Dreams Rachel Abbot 44
Many a Tear Has to Fall Robin Hood 45
Antinous Tere Ann Roderick 52
What We Have Written Tere Ann Roderick 53
Home Patt 60
Untitled Rachel Abbott 61
Sheet Music Tere Ann Roderick 62
A Kirk By Any Other Name Carol A. Pierce 63
Aftermath Dovya Blaque 93
Hard Silence Natasha Solten 94
All Forms of Love Natasha Solten 95
Blind Tere Ann Roderick 104
Echoes Dovya Blaque 105
Against the Stars Faris Vincent 125
Night-fall Dovya Blaque 126
Late Patt 127
A Caring Hand Jenny Starr 128
Tender Harvest Jenny Starr 154
Gambit Dovya Blaque 155
Haunts Robin Hood 157
Fire Kathleen Resch 158
Draw an Angel Down Robin Hood 161
Of Private Dreams Joann Marek 162
Study in Dust Natasha Solten 167
In the Nick of Time Faille 168
Not Passion's Slave Tere Ann Roderick 186
No Time Patt 187
Stormbound Dovya Blaque Inside Back Cover


Caren Parnes Front Cover
Jager Back Cover

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