The Table of Contents

Portrait of a Tired Hero Wendy Rathbone Inside Front Cover
Second Chance Toni Cardinal-Price 4
Back There! Robin Hood 7
Tempted Wendy Rathbone 9
The Land of Tears Debbie Parsons 10
The Changeling 2--Kirk Cynthia Drake 25
On the Way To Gol Alayne Gelfland 27
Anniversary Waltz Tere Ann Roderick 28
I Like... Patt 36
Reunion/The Nobelist Part Cheryl Resnick 37
The Stars Far Away Faris Vincent 38
Preference Patt 47
"...Upon a Star..." Alayne Gelfland 48
The Rumor Natasha Solten 49
Shining Robin Hood 60
Greater Than the Sum of its Parts Alled Navisih 61
From the Fields Dovya Blaque 64
Silence Alayne Gelfland 92
Enjoyment Patt 93
Wild Fantasy Wendy Rathbone 95
The Control of Destiny Toni Cardinal-Price 96
Noticing the Wind Wendy Rathbone 100
Reborn B.L. Barr 101
Sea-Lure Natasha Solten 103
Tears of Freedon Robin Hood 104
Definitions Robin Hood 107
Half-Way Wendy Rathbone 108
Broken Wing Robin Hood 109
When I Was Seventeen Jo Scott-Rose 110
Shore Leave Lover Wendy Rathbone 121
Eridani Rising Alayne Gelfland 123
The Reward Debi 124
At Night Alyane Gelfland 160
Mind-Linked Wendy Rathbone Inside Back Cover


Marie Decker Front Cover
Pendragon Back Cover

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