The Table of Contents

Thoughts Patti
After So Long Alayne Gelfand4
And Our Tomorrows Cynthia Drake5
Seaside Rendezvous -- An Interlude Sharon Fetter18
Infinite Barriers Renda Vick30
Love Instructor A.T. Bush31
Locus Alayne Gelfand42
This One's for You Tere Ann Roderick44
Royal Flush Ann M. Crouch64
Corundum Gene S. Delapenia66
Secrets Jo Scott-Ross67
Haven J. March Fox74
Control Wendy Rathbone75
Just the Right Time Alayne Gelfand86
Coming to Terms Devery Helm87
The Edge of Certainty Alayne Gelfand92
At Mediation Gene S. Delapenia118
A Small Piece of the Action Sue Meek119
Favors Lenore D. Williams124
I-Witness J. March Fox128
Possession Patt134
From the Dark into the Light Vivian Gates135
I'll See You in My Dreams Tere Ann Roderick156
An Instigation to Relate Patt167
Pas Fini Leslie Fish178


Gayle FeyrerFront Cover
Barbara Gordon5, 178
Ann Crouch30, 75
Virginia Lee Smith44, 64
Stefanie Hawks66
Caro Hedge86, 118, 134, 167
Merle Decker92
Bonnie Reitz124
Paula Mathai135
Maureen Burns156

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