The Table of Contents

A Note to Jeff Eastin Catherine Schlein4

100 Words for Snow Lisa Paris5
When Peter and his father-in-law are attacked on a snowy night, survival is not guaranteed.

Chimes on the Wind Catherine Schlein39
Life has a way of getting complicated. When Neal has to go into witness protection, his life changes. When his nemesis finds out where he is, can he escape?

Devil's Trumpet Pamela Smith60
Neal and Peter try to stop a theft ring that targets high-end jewelry salesmen. To catch the thieves, a dangerous plan is hatched to use Neal as bait.

The Coldest Case Peggy Hartsook83
When a former CI of Peter's comes back, is all what it seems to be?

I Shall Watch Over Thee Catherine Schlein124
As a favor, Peter asks Neal to authenticate a rare book for a friend. But then the friend is killed and Neal goes missing...


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